The 4 best MLB stadiums

Every ball fan thinks that they have the best stadium in the MLB. While every stadium may be special to those who hold it dear, from an outsider looking in, there are only a select few that can really lay claim to being the best in North America. A stadium is so much more than a piece of architecture. It needs an atmosphere that can only be generated from fans as well as some fantastic food to wrap your chops around. Below are some of the best.

Fenway Park – Boston Red Sox

by  soelin
by soelin

Fenway Park is baseball. The oldest stadium in the MLB, it has been with us since April 1912 and is one of the most beautiful in the country. It’s hard not to admire the brick facade on Yawkey Way, the Citgo sign is charming, the Pesky Pole is poignant and Green Monster makes for great entertainment whenever a right-handed slogger is in town.

The Fenway Frank is arguably the most famous hotdog in the world but if you are not in the mood for that then you can enjoy some of the finest chowder and lobster rolls on the east coast of America.

Bostonians, alongside New Yorkers, have always had a reputation for being rowdy, but inside Fenway this rowdiness in nothing but good natured fun. Honestly, you will be spending as much time laughing as you will watching the action in the ballpen.

Dodger Stadium – LA Dodgers

by  bryce_edwards
by bryce_edwards

There has never been a better time to head to the Dodger Stadium. The LA Dodgers are flying in the MLB standings and at the time of writing they are priced at 7.00 with betfair to win the World Series. That is a potential triumph that the city of Los Angeles has been waiting for since 1988.

This stadium is the beacon of baseball in the west. It is one of the original cathedrals of the sport. The third oldest stadium in the MLB has splendid views of the portrait-worthy San Gabriel mountains. They keep things simple here. Baseball is the order of the day not novelties that other stadiums often fall victim to. Better yet, with the warm climes of the west coast you are never in danger of having a game called off for rain.

With room for 56,000 fans, the noise that reverberates around the stadium can be deafening, especially when Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig are tearing it up out on the field. But it is so enjoyably immersive at the same time. It is also a stadium where you are more than likely to see some A-List celebrity in attendance.
A Dodger Dog is also a culinary treat that gives most dogs a run for their money. It is dangerously good.

Coors Field – Colorado Rockies

Coors FieldAll that needs to be said about Coors Field is that it has its own microbrewery. Beer makes such a difference at ball parks and you will find none better than at the home of the Colorado Rockies. The stadium itself is blessed in the fact that it is modern and yet old – it is now in its 20th year – giving the stadium a retro-chic feel while the fountains add a touch of opulence. However, the best thing of the stadium, which is located in the vibrant downtown, is the awe-inspiring views of the Rockies in the distance.

The stadium can certainly hold its own when it comes to food as well. Amongst other dishes, it would be criminal if you did not treat yourself to a Taco Dog, a chorizo frankfurter with cheese, lettuce, and pico de gallo. It is fusion at its finest.

True to form, the Denver residents that go to the ballpark are some of the best in the country. They get behind their side at every opportunity, giving the stadium a fantastic atmosphere.

Oriole Park – Baltimore Orioles

Oriole ParkOriole Park was the first retro park to be made, having opened to the public in 1992, and it is still one of the best in the country. Some of the inspired touches include the effortless and natural incorporation of the old B&O Warehouse. The iconic clock is also something of real beauty while the two-tiered bullpens are sublime and the view of the field from Eutaw Street is one of the best in the MLB.

by Keith Allison
by Keith Allison

Sadly, subsequent buildings have been built since the stadium opened and this has ruined the view somewhat. Nonetheless, the views are still pretty stellar.

For foodies, Oriole Park is a haven with Boog’s BBQ sandwich being absolutely heavenly. The sandwich is made up of pit beef, something that tastes as unreal as it sounds.