Baseball Handicapping tips for the Impatient

Spring and summer bring not just warmer temperatures, but the baseball season. While professional baseball is considered an American pastime, us punters across the pond can still make money from it. There are just a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind. While everyone is always impatient to figure out how much money they can really make from these ventures, it’s critical that you don’t rush in just yet. Handicapping is a skill that grows over time, and you will get better at it once you figure things out a bit more. But we came up with some quick tips that you can put into practice today, if you desire.

Baseball Handicapping

1. Stay Consistent

If you come up with a list of things to examine, you need to examine all of those things every single time. Baseball is one of those sports where there is a lot of statistics, and plenty of people even earn a living crunching baseball data. Not a big numbers person? Then stick to the basics. For example, you want to look into a team’s pitcher, because they’re pretty important. But did you know that there are different types of pitchers? There are really fast pitchers, guys that love to throw flyballs, and even guys that tend to pitch lower to the ground than others. As you review past games, you should keep all of this in mind.

2. Cut the Emotions

As a punter, handicapping has to be about results, not emotions. Falling in love with a team to the point where you can’t imagine them making any mistakes will leave you broke. We’ll say that again, but in a different way: emotions lead to emptiness…of the financial variety. Unfortunately, we see plenty of punters have a pet team. And just because this is American baseball, don’t think that you can’t fall victim to this type of thinking. Half of you probably would set a town on fire to defend your favorite football team.

Ahem…real football, Americans. But that’s a different article for another day.

3. One Team, One Analysis

If you try to be like the veteran sharks and study ten teams at one time, you’re setting yourself up for a really stressful time. We think itís better to virtually stalk one team and devour all of their numbers. The more you know about their players, the better. Their performance over time will change as players come and go, but you should still get plenty of data to study on your own.

These are our quickest tips for handicappers that want to go from theory to taking action, betting on the games that they feel strongest about. Since baseball season hasn’t really taken off just yet, these tips should come just in time for you to get started really looking at the big game differently. Happy punting!