MLB Triple Crown watch 2015

The race for a Triple Crown is heating up in the National League between Bryce Harper and Paul Goldschmidt. These two young super stars are emerging as two of the top players in the game of baseball and now they have a chance to compete against each other for a potential Triple Crown. This is much like a few seasons back when Miguel Cabrera battled Mike Trout before taking home the first Triple Crown since 1967.

Now the chance for another Triple Crown has increased after Giancarlo Stanton went down with a hand injury. Stanton was projected to hit over 50 home runs at one point before hurting his wrist. This opens up the door for both Harper and Goldschmidt to over take him in that department. This gives us a chance to take a look at each of their seasons to this point.

MLB Triple Crown

Starting with the Washington Nationals outfielder, Harper is putting together the best season of his young career. Harper who doesn’t turn 23 till October is hitting .338 with 26 home runs and 62 runs batted in on the year. Currently those numbers put Harper in second in batting average, second in home runs and fourth in runs batted in.

Goldschmidt on the other hand is leading the National League with a .340 batting average just two points ahead of Harper. Along with the batting average, Goldschmidt also leads the National League with 72 runs batted in while being sitting in fifth with 21 home runs. While Harper is much younger, Goldschmidt will only turn 28 in September.

The one spoiler in this mix could be Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado. Arenado is currently hitting .292 with 24 home runs and 70 runs batted in over 86 games. The Rockies third baseman helped his cause before the break picking up tens hits over his final five games raising his average from .279 to the .292 mark.

Could we have a three way race for the right to take home the Triple Crown?

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