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Betting Baseball Half´s

MLB betting options have expanded over the last few years, as now bettors are able to break the game down into halves. The first half of a baseball game is seen as the first five innings of the game. Within the first five innings, baseball betting fans have the option of wagering on how long a pitcher will last and how well a batting order may fair. Here is a look at a few things to consider in the first half of a baseball game.

MLB betting

1. Effect Of The Starting Pitcher – The starting pitcher is essentially the main premise of how your bet will be determined. If you bet on the first half of a baseball game, you are risking the majority of your wager on how well you expect one team’s starting pitcher to fair over their opponent. The typical starting pitcher should go about five innings before handing things over to the bullpen. In some cases however, the starting pitcher get’s roughed up by the batting order he faces and hands things over to the bullpen. When this occurs, it is very rare for bettors to win their wager.

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2. Value Of The Underdog – On the moneyline, the difference between a half and full game in baseball is very small. However, in theory, the underdog should be able to make a move during the first half of a game, before the favorite get’s its act together and wins the game, outright by the end. One of the many factors that favor the underdog is that in a five inning game, the starting pitchers ideally are evenly matched. As well, an underdog may be able to get its offense going against a favorite.

For instance, taking into account an underdog’s offense against a specific favorite’s starting pitcher can be of great value. Such as when James Shields of the San Diego Padres faces the Toronto Blue Jays, he gives up an average of five runs. Since the Padres are the better team, the Jays would be seen as the underdog in this situation.

Importance of team ERA (Earned Run Average) stats

When experts bet on sports, they look at every possible stat to determine which ones matter and which ones do not. Betting on baseball requires a long list of stats and they are all important, but few are as important as team earned run average (ERA). Even though the ERA stats are skewed because of the conditions under which certain stats count towards an ERA while others do not, the best online sportsbook experts know that team ERA is extremely critical when picking a World Series winner.


The key to using team ERA when choosing a World Series champion is in using the restrictions of the ERA stat to your advantage. Remember that we are talking about team ERA and not the ERA of individual pitchers. When you are putting the entire pitching staff into one stat, then you are getting a more accurate picture of how the staff is performing. If the top three starters have a combined ERA of 3.25 but the team ERA is 6.50, then you know that the bullpen on that particular team is not reliable.

Baseball blog writers also know that team ERA helps bettors to understand how stable the pitching staff is. If the team ERA jumps up and down throughout the season, then that indicates that the team will have a problem getting consistent production from the players during a critical time such as the playoffs. It also indicates that the manager of the team is not satisfied with his pitching staff and keeps making moves to improve it. All of these elements are important when betting on baseball games.

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