Introduction to MLB Over/Under Wagering

For many Major League Baseball bettors, over/under wagers are actually the preferred option. While money line or run line bets may force the bettor to lay a steep price on a favorite, a total wager in baseball isnt much different from a point spread bet in football or basketball. The bettor must take several aspects of a game into account before deciding on which side to choose for an MLB totals wager.

On average, a typical MLB team will score 8 to 9 runs per game. Most totals will hover around these numbers. On the low end, over/unders can range from 6.5 to 7 runs. At the high extreme, totals can range from 11 or 12 runs.

MLB wagering

Ballpark Venue a Primay Aspect to Setting Wagers

The bookmaker will look at a few basic concepts before setting a total for each game. The ballpark where the game will be played is arguably the most important factor. While football fields and basketball courts have standard dimensions, each of the 30 Major League Baseball stadiums is a little different from the next. Some of the ballparks are viewed as being favorable to the hitter. In these type of stadiums, the fences can be closer to home plate than most other ballparks.

In another aspect that can lead to a stadium being labeled as a hitters ballpark, the ball will carry better than average in the air. A classic hitters ballpark is Bostons Fenway Park. This historic stadium is famous for its Green Monster wall down the left field line. While this stretch of wall is the highest of any wall in the majors, it is far closer to home plate than usual. At Fenway Park, routine fly balls in most stadiums can easily turn into extra base hits due to the short dimensions in left field.

A couple of other hitters parks are Cincinnatis Great American Ballpark and Philadelphias Citizens Bank Park. The ball carries well at these stadiums. Also, each of these ballparks have favorable dimensions for the batter. Continue reading “Introduction to MLB Over/Under Wagering”

Betting on Baseball: Is it Worth Your Time?

In my personal opinion, I have a vast amount of knowledge surrounding the game of baseball. Absorbing stats, learning more about the background of each player, and understanding the importance of a pitcher’s duel all have their roles when it comes to betting on baseball.

One analogy that immediately comes to mind involves the 2015 Houston Astros. They’ve had one of the best records in Major League Baseball this year, but few believed they would ever do anything after moving to the American League. This is with good reason, considering they’ve lost over 100 games a few times over the last five years.

However, some gamblers have cashed in on their recent success, and did so before the sports world caught on to their potential. The naked eye tells us they’ve been horrible, and on the surface, it doesn’t look like much has changed to their team. However, what if I told you they have had 3 No. 1 draft picks over the last 5 years. Two of them are having a major impact in 2015.

Betting on Baseball

Slowly they’ve been rebuilding their team, and even though the players wouldn’t be considered household names, this is quickly changing.

The Problem with Betting Baseball

In other articles, we’ve shared the idea that knowledge is crucial to betting on sports. When it comes to baseball, it’s a must if you want to build a winning strategy. The biggest issue is you have to learn more about each match-up. This is not by teams either; instead it is the opposing pitcher against each batter.

How well does he pitch against left-handers?  Does he throw a pitch that half of the batting order will struggle to hit?  Does the team allow their starting rotation to go farther than 6 innings?  Does the bullpen struggle to hold leads?  What relievers pitched the last game and will be unavailable this game?  When it comes to baseball, I could provide you an entire article with nothing but questions revolving around the game.

Most baseball gamblers do this already, but for someone just getting involved in baseball betting, it can feel more like a job. If you are up for this sort of “tedious” back-end work, then you’re going to love it.

The Lines

Betting on a team typically means you are either giving or receiving 1 1/2 runs. Without the proper knowledge behind the game, you might as well flip a coin to pick the team you will root for any given night. In addition, there isn’t really an unwritten rule about “home field advantage” like you would see in NFL football. The best scenario would be someone like Chris Sale, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Sale has recently struck out 10 or more batters in four consecutive games, and his earned run average is ridiculously low. If he was going up against a team that struggles to score runs, it’s probably going to be a good bet right now.  Then again, if the opposing pitcher has been just as good, it’s pretty much back to the background knowledge of the game (discussed earlier).

So if you wouldn’t consider yourself a baseball guru, then it’s best to leave baseball betting to the professionals. Otherwise you could end up losing a substantial amount of money in the process.

Sports Betting Arbitrage in the Internet Era

Hundreds of bookmakers throughout the world now use the Internet to serve their sports betting customers. It is inevitable that the contestant popularity for each locale can vary significantly. Those “in the know” are finding sports betting arbitrage situations daily, without leaving home. Follow these steps and you too may be “in the know.”

Sports betting is one of the few opportunities that offers anyone with time and patience to learn, the opportunity to make a decent living as a professional gambler. There are many professional gamblers that make mid five-figure incomes from sports betting, and most of them don’t know anything about the sports they are betting on! Read on to find out how you could become successful in the game of “sports betting arbitrage”.

What is Sports Betting Arbitrage?

“Arbitrage” can be a noun or a verb and can apply to any risk-free hedged investment. A “Sports Betting Arbitrage” is a bet placed on two sides at once, such that you must win, no matter which side loses. Also called scalping, surebets, or risk-free bets.

Betting Arbitrage

Here is a sports betting arbitrage example from the pre-internet era. Suppose a London team was playing a Paris team. In London, more people were betting for the London team, so that if you bet on Paris and won, every $100 would bring you $110. Whereas in Paris, if you bet on London and won, every $100 again would bring you $110. A sports bettor might notice this, and so with the help of a friend and a long distance call, he might bet $1000 on London in Paris, and $1000 on Paris in London. Then whichever team won, his sports bet would have won him $100.

Does this sound cold-blooded? Alright, so instead he could have bet $1100 when it was for his favorite, and only $1000 for the other. Then if his favorite won—he would have had a net win of $210. If his favorite lost, he won nothing and lost nothing.

These types of sports betting opportunities used to be rare and difficult to capitalize on. You cannot go betting huge amounts like this, and what can you do with an occasional $210? However, imagine if you could do this continuously with nominal overhead and somewhat larger amounts…

1. Open free accounts with numerous reputable online sports betting bookmakers. This is free, and the more bookmakers, the more possibilities.

2. Only watch events with 2 outcomes. A political race with 2 candidates—a match-play golfing event—a one-day cricket match that does not allow for a “draw”—etc. If there were 3 or more possible outcomes, you would have to wager at least 3 ways, greatly reducing any margin.

3. Find the 2 bookmakers offering the lowest price for each side. You can use a calculator, but if possible, configure a spreadsheet to speed up these calculations.

4. Start with small wagers on the widest price discrepancies. There are opportunities almost every day, but as a beginner you may make mistakes, so plan to watch for several days in several categories until you spot something special.

5. Bet immediately and together. When ready to bet, open two windows with your browser, one for each bookmaker. Deposit the necessary funds for each. Proceed to the pricing page in each window. “Refresh”—re-check the prices—place your bets. Continue reading “Sports Betting Arbitrage in the Internet Era”