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Betting Baseball Half´s

MLB betting options have expanded over the last few years, as now bettors are able to break the game down into halves. The first half of a baseball game is seen as the first five innings of the game. Within the first five innings, baseball betting fans have the option of wagering on how long a pitcher will last and how well a batting order may fair. Here is a look at a few things to consider in the first half of a baseball game.

MLB betting

1. Effect Of The Starting Pitcher – The starting pitcher is essentially the main premise of how your bet will be determined. If you bet on the first half of a baseball game, you are risking the majority of your wager on how well you expect one team’s starting pitcher to fair over their opponent. The typical starting pitcher should go about five innings before handing things over to the bullpen. In some cases however, the starting pitcher get’s roughed up by the batting order he faces and hands things over to the bullpen. When this occurs, it is very rare for bettors to win their wager.

starting pitcher

2. Value Of The Underdog – On the moneyline, the difference between a half and full game in baseball is very small. However, in theory, the underdog should be able to make a move during the first half of a game, before the favorite get’s its act together and wins the game, outright by the end. One of the many factors that favor the underdog is that in a five inning game, the starting pitchers ideally are evenly matched. As well, an underdog may be able to get its offense going against a favorite.

For instance, taking into account an underdog’s offense against a specific favorite’s starting pitcher can be of great value. Such as when James Shields of the San Diego Padres faces the Toronto Blue Jays, he gives up an average of five runs. Since the Padres are the better team, the Jays would be seen as the underdog in this situation.

Importance of team ERA (Earned Run Average) stats

When experts bet on sports, they look at every possible stat to determine which ones matter and which ones do not. Betting on baseball requires a long list of stats and they are all important, but few are as important as team earned run average (ERA). Even though the ERA stats are skewed because of the conditions under which certain stats count towards an ERA while others do not, the best online sportsbook experts know that team ERA is extremely critical when picking a World Series winner.


The key to using team ERA when choosing a World Series champion is in using the restrictions of the ERA stat to your advantage. Remember that we are talking about team ERA and not the ERA of individual pitchers. When you are putting the entire pitching staff into one stat, then you are getting a more accurate picture of how the staff is performing. If the top three starters have a combined ERA of 3.25 but the team ERA is 6.50, then you know that the bullpen on that particular team is not reliable.

Baseball blog writers also know that team ERA helps bettors to understand how stable the pitching staff is. If the team ERA jumps up and down throughout the season, then that indicates that the team will have a problem getting consistent production from the players during a critical time such as the playoffs. It also indicates that the manager of the team is not satisfied with his pitching staff and keeps making moves to improve it. All of these elements are important when betting on baseball games.

Betting on Baseball: Is it Worth Your Time?

In my personal opinion, I have a vast amount of knowledge surrounding the game of baseball. Absorbing stats, learning more about the background of each player, and understanding the importance of a pitcher’s duel all have their roles when it comes to betting on baseball.

One analogy that immediately comes to mind involves the 2015 Houston Astros. They’ve had one of the best records in Major League Baseball this year, but few believed they would ever do anything after moving to the American League. This is with good reason, considering they’ve lost over 100 games a few times over the last five years.

However, some gamblers have cashed in on their recent success, and did so before the sports world caught on to their potential. The naked eye tells us they’ve been horrible, and on the surface, it doesn’t look like much has changed to their team. However, what if I told you they have had 3 No. 1 draft picks over the last 5 years. Two of them are having a major impact in 2015.

Betting on Baseball

Slowly they’ve been rebuilding their team, and even though the players wouldn’t be considered household names, this is quickly changing.

The Problem with Betting Baseball

In other articles, we’ve shared the idea that knowledge is crucial to betting on sports. When it comes to baseball, it’s a must if you want to build a winning strategy. The biggest issue is you have to learn more about each match-up. This is not by teams either; instead it is the opposing pitcher against each batter.

How well does he pitch against left-handers?  Does he throw a pitch that half of the batting order will struggle to hit?  Does the team allow their starting rotation to go farther than 6 innings?  Does the bullpen struggle to hold leads?  What relievers pitched the last game and will be unavailable this game?  When it comes to baseball, I could provide you an entire article with nothing but questions revolving around the game.

Most baseball gamblers do this already, but for someone just getting involved in baseball betting, it can feel more like a job. If you are up for this sort of “tedious” back-end work, then you’re going to love it.

The Lines

Betting on a team typically means you are either giving or receiving 1 1/2 runs. Without the proper knowledge behind the game, you might as well flip a coin to pick the team you will root for any given night. In addition, there isn’t really an unwritten rule about “home field advantage” like you would see in NFL football. The best scenario would be someone like Chris Sale, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Sale has recently struck out 10 or more batters in four consecutive games, and his earned run average is ridiculously low. If he was going up against a team that struggles to score runs, it’s probably going to be a good bet right now.  Then again, if the opposing pitcher has been just as good, it’s pretty much back to the background knowledge of the game (discussed earlier).

So if you wouldn’t consider yourself a baseball guru, then it’s best to leave baseball betting to the professionals. Otherwise you could end up losing a substantial amount of money in the process.

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is set for another roller coaster ride

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is set for another roller coaster ride. This comes after another amazing season that featured a playoff trip for the Kansas City Royals, a third World Series title for the San Francisco Giants in five seasons and the end of Bud Selig as commissioner of baseball.

Now as we start to look at the 2015 season we can all start to predict which teams will make the playoffs and what players will walk away with the major hardware? That being said we will take a look at both including which teams have a shot at the playoffs in 2015.

Major League Baseball

In the American League starting in the Eastern Division the team that continues to stand out is the Baltimore Orioles. We know what has been said and how Vegas has ranked them in their division but that won’t change the fact they still have one of the games top lineups. Along with the Orioles this should be a season we also see at least one wild card team.

Over in the National League, the Washington Nationals look to strong on paper with their only real test coming from the Miami Marlins, The New York Mets have struggled to stay healthy while the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves are in the midst of a rebuilding project.

Back in the American League the Central Division could be a four-team race to the finish now that the Tigers lost two components to their starting rotation. Out West the team to watch is the Seattle Mariners after the team added another key piece in Nelson Cruz to bolster the teams offense.

In the National League, the Central Division could have a new face atop with the Chicago Cubs taking that honor. Now this is a long shot for many but look at what they did this off-season as well as the potential of Kris Bryant. Moving out West the San Diego Padres have a real shot at the division after landing an entirely new outfield and James Shields this off-season.

The American League wild card teams will feature the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians while the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals take those honors in the National League. Now we just have to sit back for another month till opening day gets underway.

The Baltimore Orioles enter 2015 with visions of a repeat in the American League East

The Baltimore Orioles enter 2015 with visions of a repeat in the American League East. After a terrific 2014 season that saw Buck Showalter and the Orioles run away with the division over the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays.

Now that will be a difficult task with how the other teams added a few key pieces this off-season while the Orioles lost a few key pieces. Those losses include the American League Home Run champ Nelson Cruz, shutdown bullpen arm Andrew Miller and everyday right fielder Nick Markakis. All of those losses have led to the early Vegas odds that the team could finish as far down as last place.

Baltimore Orioles

Luckily for the Orioles they have three key players returning that they didn’t have for a bulk of the 2014 season including their stretch run to the American League Championship series. Those three include All-star catcher Matt Wieters, All-star third baseman Manny Machado and All-star first baseman Chris Davis.

Wieters was off his best offensive start of his career before needing tommy john surgery on his throwing shoulder. In 26 games last season Wieters hit .308 with five home runs, 13 runs scored and 18 runs batted in. This season will be a big one for the Orioles catcher as he is set to hit free agency after the 2015.

Along with these three key players returning to the lineup, the team also landed Travis Snider in a trade and signed free agent infielder Everth Cabrera. Snider a former first round pick has the talent to be the clubs every day right fielder. Cabrera on the other hand has had a rough couple seasons but when healthy and on he is a proven base stealer that adds a new look to this club.

This should be another great season in Baltimore for the Orioles and their fans!

The Washington Nationals will enter 2015 with the games top rotation

The Washington Nationals will enter 2015 with the games top rotation. This comes after a 2014 season the team led all of Major League Baseball with a 3.03 earned run average. That staff featured Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Doug Fister, Jordan Zimmerman and Tanner Roark.

While it is hard to imagine that staff getting any better in 2015 but that will be reality once the season begins. The Nationals made what many people consider the top off-season acquisition in signing free agent starter Max Scherzer. Scherzer who was the top free agent this off-season sat on the open market for a while field offers before signing with the Nationals.

Washington Nationals

The former Detroit Tigers ace now will look to build on a solid career in a pitcher friendly National League. Scherzer who was originally drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks has led the American League in wins in each of the past two seasons including 21 in 2013.

Over these last two seasons Scherzer has dominated the American League pitching to a 39-8 record to go with an earned run average just over three. In his career Scherzer has had some success against the National League in 20 career starts with the Tigers. In those 20 starts, Scherzer posted a 10-7 record with a 3.08 earned run average and 155 strikeouts in 119.2 innings.

The biggest question for the team this spring is which of the previous five starters will find themselves outside of the rotation. That could come down to either Jordan Zimmerman or Tanner Roark. Roark would be the first option but that could change if the team could find a trade partner for Zimmerman.

Nonetheless entering 2015, the Washington Nationals starting rotation will be difficult any team that has to face them night in and night out.

The Chicago Cubs enter spring training with a new look after a very busy winter

The Chicago Cubs enter spring training with a new look after a very busy winter. After a somewhat disappointing but promising 2014 season not many people around the game as well as fans expected to see the Cubs work like they did this off-season.

The first key addition the club added this off-season was manager Joe Maddonn, who had spent the past eight seasons with the Tampa Bays became available after he elected to opt out of his contract. This opened up the door for Theo Epstein to land the talented manager that led the Rays to a 754-705 record and a trip to the World Series.

Chicago Cubs

Following the addition of Maddon the team also landed one of the top starters on the market in Jon Lester. The move gives the team a true number one starter and someone who has had a ton of postseason success. Last season, Lester finished the regular season with a 2.46 earned run average to go with a 16-11 record in 32 starts.

Along with the Lester signing, the team also brought back right hander Jason Hammel to anchor one of the five starting rotation spots. Last season Hammel was 8-5 with a 2.98 earned run average in 17 starts before being traded to the Oakland A’s.

The team didn’t stop their this off-season as they also traded for catcher Miguel Montero and outfielder Dexter Fowler to give the team some additional experience to go with the teams young talent. The last move many expect to be made for opening day is the addition of third baseman Kris Bryant to the teams 25 man roster.

Bryant is the top prospect in the minors and could be a key to this team’s success in 2015.

Mike Trout will look to continue his early success in 2015

Mike Trout will look to continue his early success in 2015. Trout who is entering fourth full season in the majors is coming off his first American League MVP award. Now his eyes are set on a bigger piece of hardware after the Los Angeles Angels found themselves knocked out of the playoffs in the divisional round last season.

Since his debut with the Angels back in 2011, Trout has been a superstar on the rise with his big bat, excellent speed and outstanding glove. His bat showed up for good in 2012 as he finished his first full season with a .326 batting average, 30 home runs, 86 runs batted in and 129 runs.

Mike Trout

All of these numbers led to Trout being named the American League Rookie of the Year. If it wasn’t for the amazing season Miguel Cabrera put up, Trout would have walked away with the American League MVP award. The Angels outfielder would pick up six of the 28 first place votes and finish second behind only Cabrera.

The success would continue a year later as Trout continued to demonstrate how good of a ball player he actually was. Trout would go on to play in 157 of the teams 162 games posting .323 batting average with 27 home runs, 97 runs batted in and 33 stolen bases. In the end the same result as the year before finishing second to Miguel Cabera in the MVP award after he finished the season with a triple crown.

Finally his third full season would be the one as Trout walked away with his first American League MVP award. Now Trout will look to get that bad taste out of his mouth from October and look to lead his Angels to a World Series title in 2015.

Sports Betting Arbitrage in the Internet Era

Hundreds of bookmakers throughout the world now use the Internet to serve their sports betting customers. It is inevitable that the contestant popularity for each locale can vary significantly. Those “in the know” are finding sports betting arbitrage situations daily, without leaving home. Follow these steps and you too may be “in the know.”

Sports betting is one of the few opportunities that offers anyone with time and patience to learn, the opportunity to make a decent living as a professional gambler. There are many professional gamblers that make mid five-figure incomes from sports betting, and most of them don’t know anything about the sports they are betting on! Read on to find out how you could become successful in the game of “sports betting arbitrage”.

What is Sports Betting Arbitrage?

“Arbitrage” can be a noun or a verb and can apply to any risk-free hedged investment. A “Sports Betting Arbitrage” is a bet placed on two sides at once, such that you must win, no matter which side loses. Also called scalping, surebets, or risk-free bets.

Betting Arbitrage

Here is a sports betting arbitrage example from the pre-internet era. Suppose a London team was playing a Paris team. In London, more people were betting for the London team, so that if you bet on Paris and won, every $100 would bring you $110. Whereas in Paris, if you bet on London and won, every $100 again would bring you $110. A sports bettor might notice this, and so with the help of a friend and a long distance call, he might bet $1000 on London in Paris, and $1000 on Paris in London. Then whichever team won, his sports bet would have won him $100.

Does this sound cold-blooded? Alright, so instead he could have bet $1100 when it was for his favorite, and only $1000 for the other. Then if his favorite won—he would have had a net win of $210. If his favorite lost, he won nothing and lost nothing.

These types of sports betting opportunities used to be rare and difficult to capitalize on. You cannot go betting huge amounts like this, and what can you do with an occasional $210? However, imagine if you could do this continuously with nominal overhead and somewhat larger amounts…

1. Open free accounts with numerous reputable online sports betting bookmakers. This is free, and the more bookmakers, the more possibilities.

2. Only watch events with 2 outcomes. A political race with 2 candidates—a match-play golfing event—a one-day cricket match that does not allow for a “draw”—etc. If there were 3 or more possible outcomes, you would have to wager at least 3 ways, greatly reducing any margin.

3. Find the 2 bookmakers offering the lowest price for each side. You can use a calculator, but if possible, configure a spreadsheet to speed up these calculations.

4. Start with small wagers on the widest price discrepancies. There are opportunities almost every day, but as a beginner you may make mistakes, so plan to watch for several days in several categories until you spot something special.

5. Bet immediately and together. When ready to bet, open two windows with your browser, one for each bookmaker. Deposit the necessary funds for each. Proceed to the pricing page in each window. “Refresh”—re-check the prices—place your bets. (more…)

How To Play Baseball

To learn how to play baseball, you must first learn the basics of baseball.

First off, there are nine players allowed on a team at one time.

There are nine innings in a Major League Baseball and college baseball game (seven in the Major League Baseball World Series Championship), in which each baseball team has to try and score as many runs as possible in only three outs per inning.

The team with the most runs at the end of the game is the winner. If the teams have the same number of runs, they play more innings until one team wins.

When playing baseball, at the start of the game, the home team pitches, while the visiting team bats. Only one player can bat at a time.

The team that is batting (offense) is the team trying to score the runs, and the team that pitching, catching and playing in the field (defense) is the team trying to get those three outs so the batting team doesn’t score anymore runs.



To learn how to play baseball properly you must learn how to play offense correctly. The goal of the offensive team (or batting team) is to get runs. In order to get a run, a player must first bat, and if bat successful, run to the bases becoming a base-runner. Once a base-runner, the aim is to touch all the bases in order, and back to the home plate. Behind the home plate is an umpire that lets everyone know if the pitch thrown was in the strike zone or not.

If the pitch was in the strike zone, then the pitch is a “strike”. If it wasn’t in the strike zone, then the pitch was a “ball”.

When batting you get three strikes and four balls.

If you get four balls before you get three strikes, then that is called a “walk”. A walk means that you get to go to first base, no questions asked.

If you get three strikes before you get four balls, then that is a “strikeout”, in which the defensive team gets an out and your turn batting is over.

When playing baseball, the order in which the team sends its players up to home plate is chosen before the start of the game, this is called the “lineup”. Once the game has started, the order of the lineup can’t be changed, but the team are allowed to use a player who was not part of the original lineup chosen at the start of the game. The new player brought into the lineup has to take the place of an original lineup player.

After the ninth player of the lineup has batted, the first player in the lineup starts again. If a batter/runner makes it to the home plate, he scores a run for his team. The player must then leave the field until it is his turn to bat again. This means that a player can only score a maximum of one run each time he bats.


defense in baseball

Learning how to play defense in baseball is an important step in learning how to play baseball. The team playing defense consists of the pitcher, the catcher and the fielders. Their job is to try and stop the batting team getting any runs.

When playing baseball, the pitcher and the catcher together are often called the battery. The remaining seven fielders may stand anywhere in the field. But there are usually four infielders that stand in the infield close to the bases and three outfielders who spread out and stand around the outfield.

The four infielders consist of the first baseman, second baseman, third baseman and shortstop. The first baseman and third baseman stand close to first base and third base, as it would suggest in the name! The second baseman and the shortstop stand on either side of second base.

How To Play Baseball – THE FIRST BASEMAN

The first baseman’s job is to make force plays at first base. A force play is made when another infielder catches a ball that has touched the ground, and throws it to the first baseman.

The first baseman must then touch the batter or the base with the ball before the batter can touch first base. Then that batter is out. First basemen need to be quick as 90% of the plays in the game are there.

How To Play Baseball – THE SECOND BASEMAN

The second baseman’s job is to cover the surrounding area just to the right of second base and to back up the first baseman.

How To Play Baseball – THE THIRD BASEMAN

The third baseman usually attracts a lot of hit baseballs, due to the location he is in. This means that he must have a very strong throwing arm to throw the baseball quickly to the first baseman, in order to get the runner out, and be quick.

How To Play Baseball – THE SHORTSTOP

The shortstop’s job is to cover the stretch between second and third bases, including the bases themselves and the near part of left field. The shortstop is usually the best fielder on the team.

How To Play Baseball – THE OUTFIELDERS

The three outfielders are called the left fielder, the center fielder, and the right fielder. As the name suggests, they all stand in their designated areas on the field. The directions are based on the angle looking from the home plate onwards. The center fielder is usually the fastest in the outfield, since it covers a wider area. The center fielder usually decides who catches fly balls.

The team can decide what positions the baseball players play, but usually, the players change their positions dependent on how the game is going. This is perfectly legal in the rules. (more…)